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Through your monthly support, you are joining a growing community of people who are empowering changemakers in warzones.


When you join The LUV Collective you're joining a coalition of generosity.

Preventing human trafficking in warzones requires an agile, integrative approach — addressing extreme poverty, instability, lack of infrastructure and resources, which leave millions in Sudan and South Sudan vulnerable or exploited.

A collective impact is key. Lift Up the Vulnerable (LUV) links passionate individuals, organizations, and community leaders with a shared vision of change and a commitment to solve problems.

When you join The LUV Collective with a monthly investment, you stand with a global community and alongside our indigenous partners in Sudan and South Sudan — equipping them to fully protect and empower the most vulnerable people in their communities. Through our collective generosity, we are seeing lives transformed.

Average donation is $38 per month.


Protection: Your monthly gift will provide food and water, shelter, and medicine for children and women, Sudan and South Sudan’s most exploited people. Children in need should never feel alone and hopeless. Join us in standing with them in security and solidarity.

Economic Empowerment: You will play an important role in educating youth, launching microbusinesses, and creating jobs for a generation of young people; thus, stabilizing communities, alleviating poverty, and reducing the risk of trafficking.

Community: You will be equipped to serve, share, and collaborate as a member of the most diverse community of changemakers on Earth — and work to prevent trafficking before it starts.

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